Biz Cooperation > Business Consulting

Diagnosing and Improving Human Resource Management

   - Recruiting system
   - Performance Rating System
   - Wage System
   - Management By Objectives (MBO) system
   - Group Performance Rating System
   - Diagnosing Organization
   - Organizational Behavior (Leadership etc)
   - Conflict Management and power relations

Business Strategy

   - Making business vision for 21st Century
   - Making medium and long term business strategy for 21st Century
   - Making Employee Status for 21st Century

Diagnosing and Improving Labor Relations

   - Diagnosing individual and group Labor relations
   - Making Labor relations of participation and cooperation

Introducing BPR

MIS Restructuring

Building Information System (IS) Infrastructure

Concurrent Engineering

Introducing Downsizing, Open System

Educating Office Automation

Educating Middle Management for MIS

Educating Chief Executive Officer for MIS (S.I.S and E.I.S)

Understanding Market Environment through Consumer Research

Making medium and long term marketing strategy

Making customer satisfaction strategy

Developing a new product

Demand Forecasting

Customer Satisfaction Education

Marketing Strategy Simulation

Productivity improvement through Operations Reengineering

Ensuring competitiveness through restructuring of Operations system

Structuring Operations and sales system of Services

Management Innovation through restructuring of Operation Infrastructure
   (Factory Logistics, Quality Management, Man Power)

Implementation of Management System for Productivity Enhancement and
   Quality Management

Design of Strategic Operations System for Competitive Advantages

Global Leading Companies' Characteristics of Management and Practice

Operations Strategy for enhancing competitiveness of Small and
   Medium Enterprise (SME)

Management Consulting (Business Analysis)

   - Sales / Profit Improvement Methodology
   - Cost-Down Methodology
   - Junk Bonds Management
   - Inventory Management

Enterprise Value Analysis

   - EVA Calculation
   - EVA Implementation Methodology

Corporate Financing Methodology

   - Issuing and managing Corporate Bond
   - Issuing and managing Stocks

Corporate Restructuring Methodology

   - Capital Structure
   - Cost Structure
   - Asset Structure
   - Profit Structure

Risk Management Methodology

   - Exchange Risk
   - Interest Risk
   - Credit Risk

Tax Accounting Area

Practical Areas of Cost Accounting (Activity-Based Costing etc)

Managerial Accounting (Performance Accounting, Decision-Making Accounting) Area

Budget Management (Compilation of budget, control) Area

Designing Accounting Information System
   (Financial Accounting, Cost Accounting, Managerial Accounting, Information System)