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Scholar Ornstein, who studied human brain, verifies that the oriental has well developed right brain while the occidental has well developed left brain. Right brain controls intuition and left brain controls logicality.

It is assumed such difference is the driving force behind Korean companies' success in the global market which may not be understandable from the occidental's analytic perspective. But it is hard to find the world class business administration scholar in Korea. It is believed that the scholars in Korea lack the occidental's logicality and entrepreneur's intuition.

Management Research Institute (MRI) was established in 1992, aimed to overcome such limitation by combining knowledge of professional and advanced management technique of academy together. Through synergy, professional and academy would optimize the current issues of business from Incheon expanding its field to all over Northeast Asia. As one of the most prestigious professional and academic cooperation research institute in Incheon area, we would like to re-evaluate ourselves and take another step towards the future.

As the hub of Asia, Incheon is becoming an important figure as trades between China, Russia, Mongolia and Korea increase with Incheon International Airport, offering the most innovative service in the world, and Incheon Port, an outpost of South-North Korea relationships. In the time of Globalization, Digitalization and competitiveness, as one of the best professional and academic research institutes in Incheon, MRI's role needs to be re-highlighted. Therefore, we announce following strategic planning.

First, through publishing half-yearly Business Administration journals, Academic faculties offer business with academic resources and supply the fund for publication of research journals by attracting advertisements.

Second, by extending professional and academic cooperation, we position MRI as 'Think Tank' to satisfy various firms' demand, taking further steps from a regional research institute.

Third, as a potential member of Korean Research Foundation (KRF), MRI encourages participation of researchers from outside of Inha University and as the fairness on evaluations of papers and literatures is emphasized, it is critical that quality of MRI business journals enhances.

Fourth, by forming strategic cooperation with other research institutes outside of Inha University, MRI attracts special lecture programs. MRI arranges partnership projects and provides opportunities for research members of the committee from each department to participate.

Furthermore, MRI strengthens gathering information by collecting academic research materials, professional publications worldwide.

It is unquestionable the strategic planning above requires MRI researchers and professionals left and right brains and supports from the heart. We hope MRI's research performance could help industrial development of the region and success of its customers.